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Now many people use Facebook and other social networking websites and those sites launch application which run well in smartphone and tablet PC. They prefer to use internet in those devices via Wi-Fi. It is not possible to sit on chair hold day to use internet. This is why, Wi-Fi is the best option. You can use internet wirelessly via Wi-Fi. You need to use such type of devices what have Wi-Fi feature. If you think to setup the Wi-Fi in your office or home, then buy a router what will convert your internet connection to Wi-Fi. It is not very difficult to setup. You need to be little aware before using router for the setting.
Now in the market, you will get many types and many brands of router. Among all of those router brand, you may choose any one which suits your area. You must choose a router from popular brands and Netgear is one of the popular brand device as a router. You can trust on this device. Because it has been giving service for longtime and reputation does not go down yet. Netgear has different models of router and you can buy any one. You will get good support from the manufacturer. This company produce router for home and office use. You can visit www.netgear.com to know Netgear products and services. However, if you want to buy a router from different brands, then you can also do so.
Different routers come with different IP addresses and you need to know all of those things from the router manual. Netgear router comes with all things inside of the router box. In the router box, you will get instruction and other devices with cables. You have to configure the device and setup internally. You need to collect all of those information if you want to setup internet. Usually, Netgear modem uses IP address either or as default. You need to know that default IP address and default username and password. In many websites, you will get information as Netgear. Other routers may use different username and password.
Admin is used for username/password. You have to login to the router if you want to use all settings. If you do not know the IP address of the router, then you need to use “ipconfig” command on the Command prompt page. Suppose, the Netgear router uses IP address So, you need to use this IP address on the browser address bar and when you press enter button then you can see a login screen. Some users apply on the browser address bar and they do not get the login screen. Because the IP address becomes contaminated and this address has become false. It will produce error message only. You know username and password to log in to the device. You need to use these things now for log in to the router and later you may need to use those.
After login to the router control panel, you can change all of the setting and setup internet in the router. This is very easy process to setup internet. You can change all default setting if you need to change. If you want to change the default username and password admin to another thing, then you can do this. You can change the IP address. From the router control panel, you can enable security of the Wi-Fi. As Wi-Fi can spread the internet through air, that is why, Wi-Fi internet security is very important.
In a router box, you will get many things but you need to router manual. Because you can utilize the router and use Wi-Fi properly. You need to know the username/password for log into the device. You may read other blogs to know about your router. In those blogs or website, you may get Netgear together as IP address of the router, username/password is admin for Netgear. You should think of the Wi-Fi security and you will learn all things from the router manual and other papers. Enable WPA2, change SSID network name for Wi-Fi security.
Let’s setup internet in the router and later we will talk about the security for the Wi-Fi. After login to the router, you need to setup internet and you can use Wizard tool for installing internet. This tool is very fast and it lets you set up internet and related thing quick. You can change the IP address which is not always necessary to do. You must change the IP address for solving the IP address confliction. Otherwise, you do not need to change the IP address. If you change the username and password, then your router settings are safe.
IP address common problem when the same IP address runs in same the network in multiple devices. You cannot use same IP address in the router and networking. If the IP address is many devices, then you have to change the IP address in all of the devices and make sure that all of the devices run different IP address in the same network. Now your connection is safe and you can use internet without facing any problem. Without using multiple devices in same network, the IP address problem does not occur. When you press reset button from the router, then all settings will be deleted.
You need to use ping command with the IP address to identify the problem. There are two commands of ping “ping” and “ping -t”. You need to use this ping command on the command prompt page. Both commands work awesome but the continuous ping command “ping 192.1680.1 -t” works best. However, you can save your time by using the continues ping command. It is very important thing to identify the problem of the router and computer. So, you can decide the problem of the router trigger from the router or the computer. If the problem occurs from hardware, then you have to contact with vendor to solve the issue.
Netgear router has good customer care support than any other brands. If you need to contact with them, then you can do so from the Netgear.com website. If you read the router manual troubleshooting chapter, then you will learn many things what you have not found in any other websites. But for the Device configuration and some internal setting video instruction, you can use YouTube.com. Usually, you do not need to bear any serious problem if you use router from Netgear. Some other popular brand routers also give such a wonderful service. You can learn all about those devices from the online store.